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Just in, my latest electric car

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Karl Schnelle
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I don't collect electric cars or Porsches, but when I saw this brand new Taycan, I had to pick it up!

Porsche Taycan paperweight


I literally picked it up at the new Taycan introduction at the local dealer.  They had giveaways on a table and no one wanted this 'paperweight'.  I thought it looked 1/43 and so why not?  After doing the calc, it is exactly 1/43!  It reminds me of the Essence of the Car!

I have not seen a real one on the road yet, so here it is:

Porsche Taycans

Power up to (kW) (Performance Battery) 240 kW
Power up to (HP) (Performance Battery) 321 hp
Driving Range (EPA Estimate) 200-225 mi

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John Kuvakas
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I saw one running through town a few weeks ago. They're stunning. 

John Kuvakas
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Ed Glorius
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I've seen several. John is correct.

Retired in Dunedin, Florida.