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New Alfa received by Spark - GTV

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Karl Schnelle
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This was the Alfa Romeo that I wanted as a teenager - the GTV or GTV6 2.5 (and still do).  Originally called the Alfetta GT/GTV and designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, it was the coupe version of the Alfetta sedan and introduced in Europe in 1974.   A small redesign happened in 1980, and the Alfetta name was dropped.  

Spark Alfetta GTV GTV6

Spark just released the 1980 silver GTV which really is the same car as the red GTV6 2.5 produced earlier.  Just the hood bump shows they have different power plants:  2L, 4-cylinder vs. the GTV6 with the 2.5L V6. All the Alfettas had the De Dion rear suspension and transaxle allowing for an almost 50/50 weight distribution.  Very fun to drive. It was gone by 1986 in the US and 87 in Europe. It would be years later that Alfa brought out another 'GTV', a complete redesign by then...

Spark GTV6 Esso
Spark GTV6 rear
Spark GTV6 box

The sloping roof line and large greenhouse really set this design off I think.  I love the whole look of it.  I also have the Whitebox and Minichamps and ProgettoK but will keep them all for now.

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John Kuvakas
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This is another design I've always liked. I had a friend who had, I think, a 1976 model. It wasn't all that fast but it was a joy to drive and handling was over-the-top with balance and poise. 

John Kuvakas
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