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Poll results: '66 Chevrolet, Ford or Plymouth?
Voter(s): 21
Poll is closed Mar 23, 2022
'66 Chevrolet  -  votes: 7 / 33.3%
'66 Ford  -  votes: 9 / 42.9%
'66 Plymouth  -  votes: 5 / 23.8%
Tie  -  votes: 0 / 0%
Sorry, no interest in this selection.  -  votes: 0 / 0%

Poll: Which '66? (3/9/2022)

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Bob Jackman
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Chevy for me. My first new car was a 66 Buick Skylark GS 400 which essentially had the same body.

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Larry kemling
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Mopar with a 426 would of blown the doors off either the Chevy or the ford.

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Jack Dodds
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Posted by: @david-green


Hi JK,

I bought my 1966 Malibu SS convertible in 1968 from a friend who needed cash to get married. It was pale yellow with white leather interior and red-wall bias ply tires. It had a Muntz 4 track player and I added Lucus spotlights and a Maserati horn set to it. It was automatic but I would have preferred manual transmission although it had a great consol between the fron bucket seats. The V8 was the small block 283. It was peppy enough. I loved the power top.

Car was a great cruiser and I took it to Florida and back from Toronto in 1970 and to Sportscar racing events. My wife and two small kids loved it.

I unfortunately wrote off the car in a head-on collision in January 1972 in a Winter storm white-out. I was by myself heading for a meeting in rural Ontario. The engine joined me in the front seat but my worst injury was a fractured knee which kept me in a left leg cast for six weeks. 

I loved this car and had just about decided to keep it and store it for Winters as I had two other vehicles at the time, a 1970 Peugeot 504 and a 1966 Sunbeam.

David;  Considering you only had a lap belt I would say you were extremely fortunate to have not been critically injured...or worse!

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Bob Kroupa
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Ford, Plymouth and then Chevrolet-  

When a kid the guy next door bought a Fairlane- 390/4-speed-

Plymouth/Dodge were the fastest cars in my town-

Not many Chevelle around where I lived-

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David Vandermeer
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Easy one..Chevelle!

David Vandermeer
Corinth, Texas

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