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What was yout first job?

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Frank Kocour
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I think I was about 10 or 11.  Made fake peonies out of paper.  Sold them to relatives.  Eventually graduated to tying flies.  The flies were pretty cool and looked like they would catch something.  And I actually sold some to fishermen.  Unfortunately for the buyer I used water soluble glue to make them.  I had no idea.

Bob Kroupa
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My first paying job.  I was 11 and my Dad worked a side job on Sat at a boat yard.  I always went with him and was hired to scrap wooden boat bottoms as only tall enough to reach that high.  Made .11 cents per hour.  

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Ed Glorius
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Fifteen or sixteen, Sears sales clerk, paint and wallpaper. No idea what I was paid anymore. I worked there for years, and then at another Sears while I was in law school (also ACLU those days).

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